Bouncity for BlackBerry

Bouncity is a new location based social gaming platform that certainly everyone will compare to foursquare. While it does have some similarities, the differences really set it apart. With Bouncity there is essentially a three step process: Go places, do challenges and get rewards. As you venture out into the real word (which hopefully you do) you'll have to complete challenges are various venues that include checking in, answering questions, taking quizzes, taking photos and more. Along the way you'll earn different rewards in Bouncity which you can turn into real-life goods by allocating your rewards points. There is of course integration with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well. Overall Bouncity is a pretty sweet social game to take on with your friends. If you're a fan of foursquare, Gowalla and the like, this one is definitely worth checking out. Grab the BlackBerry app free from the link below.

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