bOSX Zen Theme for BlackBerry

I'm loving the spree of awesome themed themes that have been popping up in our software store recently... the iVista theme, the PlayStation 3 theme, and now the latest creation from Z Man Designs, the bOSX Zen theme.

It's fitting that the Z Man released this theme on July 11th. After all, it's a big day for Apple and this is a Mac-inspired theme. So if you're one of the many BlackBerry & Mac users out there and are feeling a bit left out on the iPhone launch buzz, look no further than the bOSX theme to provide your Apple fix.

You can find more screenshots and a 'nerdy' photo after the jump, and the images really do tell the tale here - this theme is eye catching, and there's no doubt a lot of effort and attention to detail has been put into it. It's definitely the best execution of an OSX theme I have seen to date. The bOSX Zen theme is vailable from for $7.

More info & purchase the bOSX Zen Theme:

bOSX them for the BlackBerry Screenshots

bOSX ScreenshotsMore Screenshots...


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