As an avid book lover, I built up quite a vast collection of novels over the years. From paperbacks and hardcovers stored away in boxes or on bookshelves to e-books downloaded across various reading applications, sometimes it is difficult keeping track of them all. That is why bibliophiles will enjoy Book-zy, it scans, sorts, organizes and views all of the items into your own virtual bookshelf. 

When first launched your bookshelf of course is empty. However, the native interface makes it easy to import your library either by searching the internet, scanning the ISBN with your camera, or inputting manually. The process is quick and effortless without being time consuming. Most of the data and information, including cover art, is populated for you when you scan or search due to the integration with Google books. It offers detailed information on publisher, book description, and reviews if available.


  • A beautiful, intuitive user interface, making it simple to view your books
  • Provides the ability to track favorites books, books read, books that you plan on reading and books currently reading
  • Keeps personal notes for each individual books that is stored in your virtual bookshelf
  • Ability to scan book. The scanning feature will provide quick feedback helping you identify if the book is already part of you virtual bookshelf
  • View books critiques reviews
  • View authors information
  • Supports light or dark theme

The application is broken down into five main categories to sort your collection by. The first one, All, is self-explanatory but there is a section for your favorites, books you've read or are currently reading, and ones you plan to read in the future. One feature users are sure to appreciate is being able to jot down and store personal notes for each title.

Books are displayed in either list or grid view and are sortable by author, title or rating from the main screen. There is also the option to switch the visual theme from light to dark. 

The only feature missing that I hope is addressed in future updates is the ability to backup and restore the database to the device or memory card. It would be unfortunate to enter my entire library into the application and then the information might be lost or wiped for whatever reason. 

Keeping track of one's library is a cumbersome task. Book-zy allows you to manage and organize the chaos involved. As someone who always carries a book in her bag wherever she goes, this application is worth it. It supports all BlackBerry 10 devices running OS 10.2 and higher and is free to download for a limited time.

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