If you're not using a BlackBerry Torch, Curve 3G 9330 or a Bold 9650 running on BlackBerry 6 this might interest you. Bolt, has updated their 3rd party web browser with some great new features to make browsing on BlackBerry devices a better overall experience. The list of changes is as follows:

  • New Advanced Desktop Features – Along with the ability to perfectly render Web pages as they were meant to be seen from a PC, BOLT also offers tabbed browsing, password manager, advanced downloading and uploading capabilities and now advanced inline text entry and editing allowing people to enter and edit text directly in Web page forms without opening up a separate text editing window.
  • Backed up in the Cloud – BOLT 2.3’s new favorites backup feature stores a user’s bookmarks on BOLT’s servers, allowing them to be restored if a user ever needs to change phones for any reason.
  • New Mobile Widgets – BOLT widgets let people using any mobile phone take part in the mobile apps revolution. Bolt 2.3′s widget gallery features weather, Wikipedia, and dictionary widgets, along with an improved Twitter widget and a brand new Facebook widget.

In addition to all of the above, Bolt has also added HTML 5 which adds to their already existing flash support. In some ways, this places Bolt ahead of browsers out there including the new WebKit browser loaded onto BlackBerry 6 devices. Thanks Josh!

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