Bolt Browser - Updated to v2.11 for bug fixes, be sure to grab it!

While we're all still waiting for RIM to release their own WebKit browser, third party browsers such as Bolt have been more than happy to provide users with a better then the built in experience. The latest update for Bolt puts the browser at v2.11 and while this release is nothing more then that of a maintenence one, it does address the issues and concerns of users based on feedback. Information from the press release states:

Today Bitstream is releasing a new update of the BOLT mobile browser: version 2.11.  The 2.11 release includes important updates that address server response times which eliminates the problem on some websites that has caused BOLT to hang at 20 percent on the progress bar, as well as improves Twitter use.  Although there are no new features in this release, Bitstream strongly recommends all users update to this new version for an improved mobile browsing experience.

Around here, we all like to see it when issues get addressed and applications work better because of it. That said, be sure to grab the latest release so as to ensure you are up to date and will not have any of the mentioned problems.

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