Celebrating its first birthday, BOLT has been update to version 1.7 and brings alongs some new features. The third-party browser now supports wdigets, keyboard shortcuts for zooming on pages, Twitter integration (you can post updates to Twitter right from the browser) and more. BOLT has taken off since its initial release, and has surpassed 4 million users.

"Before we launched BOLT we knew that Bitstream engineers and developers built a remarkable foundation on which we could continue to evolve the BOLT mobile browser, and the positive support and constant feedback we received from a great many of our 4 million helped us prioritize the features and enhancements in each successive release. But as excited as we were for the first year of BOLT, the next year promises to be more dynamic as we plan to introduce features that took longer to engineer and we add more handset manufacturers to the roster of those preloading BOLT on mobile phones." 

BOLT's unique features include fast page loading, more accurate rendering, streaming videos, copy/paste text and six levels of magnification. The updates of BOLT seem to get better and better, so we can only expect more good things to come in the future. Check out from your device to download.

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