During BlackBerry's Q3 fiscal 2015 earnings call, BlackBerry CEO John Chen highlighted the fact his company was now 'collaborating with Boeing to provide a secure mobile solution for Android devices utilizing our BES12 platform' but noted 'That by the way is all they allow me to say.'

A new report from Bloomberg though further confirms the collaboration with Andy Lee, a Boeing spokesman stating the organisations are 'pursuing a number of opportunities' that would pair the Boeing device with BlackBerry's BES server.

"Boeing has decades of experience providing defence and security customers with secure communications," Lee said. "We are working with BlackBerry to help them ensure the BES12 operating system is compatible with, and optimized for use by, the ultra-secure mobile devices favoured by the defence and security community."

Boeing, who has released information surrounding their Boeing Black Phone via their website, has been working on the phone that 'was designed with security and modularity in mind' for two years now. It's rather funny how this ended up, considering many in the tech world saw the Boeing Black phone as a threat to BlackBerry's offerings.

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