Installation and Review of BodyGuardz for the BlackBerry PlayBook

I've been having a ton of fun this past month accessorizing my BlackBerry PlayBook. I've been experimenting with different cases, trying to decide which one is the best for everyday use and specific situations. And while I have been finding a lot of good solutions, I have also found there are times when I prefer to use my PlayBook naked, without any case at all. Not wanting to ding up my precious PlayBook when going caseless, I was excited to see the release of BodyGuardz Carbon Fiber Armor for the PlayBook.

The PlayBook BodyGuardz kit comes with a clear screen protector to protect the glass and beyond that features a carbon fiber skin that covers the back and sides of the tablet form factor (available in black or white). With both skins installed you have a PlayBook that is protected from scratches and minor dings, is still compatible with other cases and maybe most importantly, looks cool! Check out the video above to get see the installation process and get a good look of BodyGuardz Carbon Fiber Armor for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Overall I've been really pleased with the BodyGuardz experience. Installing skins and screen protectors on mobile devices can be a little intimidating and stressful, but as you'll see in the video the process was quick and simple. 

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