bMagnified is a great new application from mappau OG which is ideal for people with impaired vision. It isn't just a camera app but as the title suggests, the application acts as a magnifying glass allowing users to not only read small print via their BlackBerry, but also take snap shots for a later date. In addition you can use bMagnified as a extra tool when taking macro photographs so it serves dual purposes.

Although the app is compatible with all BlackBerry smartphones I have one concern after testing and that is that you really need a BlackBerry with an auto-focus camera. I tried it first on my Bold 9900 with not much luck, however on the Torch 9810 it was perfect. In addition I have spoken with the developer today and he is working towards support for BlackBerry 10 so the app will be fantastic on all future BlackBerry handsets. Good news!

Priced at $0.99 the app is a real bargain if your vision gives you problems reading print.

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