The application Blurts from MLH Software has been released to the public with version We covered Blurts a few weeks ago when they had put out a call for beta testers in the forums.

If you are like us, you sit in front of a PC most of the day with a BlackBerry in your pocket. Every time it rings you have to dig it out just to see who is calling, and you think to yourself, wouldn't it be nice if the caller ID just popped up on my computer screen so I could see who is calling before going through the trouble to dig it out of my pocket?

Having had the opportunity to personally participate in the beta testing, I can honestly say that this is a very handy app to have, particularly for those who can't pull out their Berry in the middle of class or the office. If you find yourself sitting in front of a computer all day (as a lot of us do) then Blurts is definitely worth checking out. The pro version sells in the CrackBerry Store for $5.99, but is currently on sale until Nov 15th for $4.99.

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