Bluetooth 3.0 On It's Way!

Here is some cool news on something that gets talked about and used a lot but never in terms of upgrades or new availability as most of our devices come with it already built in and no real way to upgrade it.

Bluetooth, which has been making news as of late with the information coming forward that the latest standard, version 3.0, is soon to be available. Now I use Bluetooth pretty much on a daily basis be it to talk or listen to music via a headset or to connect to my PC in order to sync and transfer files back and forth, but the expectations with this new revision really look promising, especially when it comes to data transmission speeds. PC World has listed some of the information for us as follows:

  • Data Speed Transmissions up to 490Mbits/s 
  • Improved Power Consumption, Better Battery Life
  • Enhanced Connectivity To Avoid Dropping Of Connections

At this time though, no information is available about what devices will be Bluetooth 3.0 ready, but the expected announcement is April 21st when the Bluetooth Special Interest Group will be able to provide a list of manufacturers who have or will have 3.0 devices ready to roll. Hopefully, RIM will be on that list.

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