Blueray Extras On BlackBerry Devices!

This has been floating around since shortly after Blu-Ray and and the now defunct HD-DVD launched, but now it seems it's no longer vapourware as there is a scheduled date for launch at this point in time. Two companies in collaboration, BluFocus and NetBlender will launch for free at the iTunes store beginning this weekend, works on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, the Palm Pre, Google Android and BlackBerry when fully rolled out.

Consumers can transfer downloadable content and interactive features from their Blu-ray Disc to their phone. Said devices also can be used as a remote control for a compatible Blu-ray player (If supported by playback device). And with the ease of integration from Blue-Ray manfacturers and support from big media this will be most awesome when it becomes available, have to wonder though will it launch in the BlackBerry App World? Anyone else excited to see this coming?