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Cartoon fan? Want to be entertained on your BlackBerry daily with a new episode? Then you'll want to check out Bludzee! You can read the full press release below, but the quick overview is that Bludzee, the cartoon kitten created by Lewis Trondheim, is now available for BlackBerry Smartphones. A one year subscription to the comic strip costs $9.99, giving you access to a new episode each day (plus you can go back and see ones you have missed that were out prior to your purchase). The app was developed by Aquafadas, and is pretty innovative in both the concept and its gui design. The app was actually a finalist in the 2009 Innovation Awards Entertainment on BlackBerry category. Perhaps the coolest aspect of Bludzee is the localization factor, with it being available in 19 languages! You can learn more and download via the App World link below. Note, according to the press release it's currently only available for the Curve 8900, Bold 9000 and Storm 9500, though I ran it on both my Storm2 and 9700 without issue previously.

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Press Release

Bludzee, the kitten created by cartoonist Lewis Trondheim, launched as a BlackBerry smartphone application from Ave!Comics

BlackBerry smartphone users can now enjoy a new innovative and unique comic strip experience while on the go

Now users of BlackBerry smartphones can enjoy reading a comic of Bludzee, a small black kitten with blue eyes, on their handset. Ave!Comics, the Montpellier, France based company that specializes in publishing and developing comics on smartphones, has created an application for BlackBerry smartphones that allows fans to take the fun and humor of Bludzee wherever they go.

Lewis Trondheim, a cartoonist with a strong following amongst comic fans and bloggers, created Bludzee specifically for reading on a smartphone.Who is this small black kitten with blue eyes? Bludzee has been left on his own in a large apartment (his owner has disappeared) so he has to learn how to look after himself... as well as solve the problem of his dwindling supply of dry food. On a daily basis, the reader will discover how this resourceful bundle of fur is doing, thanks to his sense of fun and humor!

Similar to a traditional comic strip, the story of each Bludzee adventure is displayed on the vivid display of a BlackBerry smartphone. Each episode is depicted on the application's home-screen as a branch of a tree and the user has to simply click on the"strip" to discover a new story.

Bludzee's adventures are available to BlackBerry smartphone users for only 7.49 € ($9.99) for 1 year.

His adventures will be translated into 19 languages (from French to Spanish to Russian and Japanese). The application is available for download on BlackBerry App World or the BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Bold 9000 and BlackBerry Storm 9500.

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