bluCTRL Rocks!

BluCTRL is definitely one of those applications/services you can add to your list of "cool things your BlackBerry can do" as far as I'm concerned. Most computers these days have Bluetooth built right into them or at the very least you may have a Bluetooth dongle sitting somewhere around that mess you call a computer desk. If that's the case you might as well put it to work - one good idea would be to set up your BlackBerry Desktop Manager software to do a Bluetooth sync with your PC as soon as you walk in the door everyday.

Also, let's assume you're a business professional (maybe you are one!) who is attending a lot of meetings and doing a bunch of presentations from your laptop. If you fall into this category then bluCTRL is a must have. BluCTRL turns your BlackBerry into a Bluetooth mouse for your PC allowing you to access virtually every function that your mouse does and more such as acting as a keyboard. BlueCTRL is hella easy to set up: two files, one for your BlackBerry and one for your PC; install both of them, pair up and you my friend are rocking and rolling with a Bluetooth mouse for your PC or laptop.

So next time you have notes on your handheld and are giving a presentation from your laptop, you can now eliminate the whole reading from your BlackBerry, controlling your mouse with your other hand sillyness and do it all from one device. Best of all the application is donationware, so free to download and you choose if you wanna give back to the developers.

PS: I wouldn't be doing my blogger duty if I didn't warn you about the lazyness this application can invoke, such as my usage of it to refresh the CrackBerry blogs from my couch or to access my PC's media player from my kitchen in conjunction with RDM Plus. Yes, I m that lazy or as I like to call it, good at maximizing my berry's potential.