Every BlackBerry smartphone user knows the game Brick Breaker. New to the BlackBerry PlayBook is Blocks of Pyramid 2 which is the same concept but just 1000 times better. As you would expect you control a 'paddle' and have to fire the balls at the selection of complex walls, ancient vases, diamonds and crystals. Depending on the Crystals you manage to collect will also dictate the amount of balls you need to shoot - it can get pretty hectic!

The graphics are superb, the game play is as smooth as a smooth thing that came first in a smooth competition and overall the game totally rocks. It will set you back $1.99 in App World but with 64 challenging levels that is money well spent. I have a sneaking suspision that this game may well appear on BlackBerry 10.

How to play:

  • Touch the screen to control the paddle
  •  Use the paddle to bounce a ball 
  • Don't let it escape behind the paddle
  • Use the ball to destroy all blocks

There are different types of blocks in the game:

  • blocks that need two or three hits to be destroyed
  • special ankh blocks which drop bonuses, blocks with hieroglyphs can also drop bonus
  •  many blocks contain hidden crystals, gems and jewels, crush them with the paddle to get more points
  • indestructible blocks

More information/Download Blocks of Pyramid Breaker 2 for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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