Warning: Blocked Traffic should not be played while studying or before bedtime. Players may experience time distortions as the phrase "just a minute" gets stretched to its breaking point. This game will amuse you with its simplicity and confound you with its complexity.

A couple of Christmases ago, my then four-year-old nephew got a present I couldn't put down. On the surface, the game was simple. You're parked in the World's Most Annoying Parking Lot; mini-vans, cars, and taxis block your way. Only through moving the other cars around in the proper order can you hope to escape this nightmare garage. The 80 levels of this free app are true to that game.

In both the app and physical versions of the game, cars can only move up and down or left and right. In the first few stages, this is fairly simple to do. The first ten levels' puzzles are easy to solve, taking less than ten moves to complete.  These are the green levels.

The yellow levels have puzzles that are a bit more complicated and more frustrating, requiring in the neighborhood of 25 moves to solve. Remember, there's only one pattern of movement that will allow your car to escape the car park; finding that pattern can be maddening. In these puzzles, the cars are jammed in tightly, with hardly any room to move at all. I'd almost swear some of the levels don't have solutions.

For those times when it all becomes too much, a tap of the solution button shows me the answer with a smug, "Well obviously this is the answer, see?" Blocked Traffic Free is available for many devices running OS 4.2+ and for all countries except Australia and South Korea. A paid version with 1,000 puzzles and a more difficult Pro Version with 3,000 - I actually had it right the first time in the video - are also available.

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