Blockbuster on your BlackBerryReuters had an article today that said movie rental chain Blockbuster Inc is in talks with all the major mobile phone makers about partnerships aimed at making it easier for consumers to watch movies on the go. This was according to Blockbuster Chief Executive James Keyes.

Keyes told the Reuters Media Summit he started watching movies on his BlackBerry after some help from a technical expert at Blockbuster and from Jim Balsillie. How come when I need technical support I can’t get Jim on the phone?

Keyes went on to say that Blockbuster is in talks with software companies about possible partnerships, but he did not name them. He also didn’t say how the whole thing would work.

But I love this concept. Let’s face it, it’s a pain to get a movie onto your SD card. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could peruse a movie catalog on my device, pay $4.99 and start watching it right away while I’m stuck in an airport somewhere?

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