You've all see them at one point or another. Those little notes on advertisements that say 'scan here using your mobile phone'. They often times unlock deals, cool extra content, free downloads or whatever else people can think of that offers interaction. Some of them simply rely on QR codes but plenty of advertisers these days are making use of Blippar, which embeds the content without QR codes, even BlackBerry has used Blippar in the past.

Just load up the app, let your camera scan around for the embedded code and you've unlocked some goodies all from within the app itself and now, Blippar is ready for BlackBerry 10. I've seen quite a few ads making use of Blippar but with no app to use on my device, I always ignored them. If you download Blippar and are looking for some cool things to 'blip', you can check out the Blippar Facebook page which has quite a few images from around the world to check out. 

Arriving as a native app into BlackBerry World, Blippar is now available for the BlackBerry Z10 assuming you're running OS 10.0.10 or higher. Also, given the nature of the app it's available in all countries so if you're not seeing it in BlackBerry World using the link below, go ahead and perform a search for it. Clearly not an app you'll use every day but it's still cool to have available should you spot any ads with it enabled.

Download Blippar for BlackBerry 10