Gold Plated BlackBerry Bold 9900

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To be honest, I think right out of the box the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a pretty bling'n and sexy smartphone. The stainless steel band is rich looking and everything visual about the device just works. In case you missed my BlackBerry Bold 9900 review, let it be known again that I'm seriously in love with this phone - I often catch myself staring at it (for real!).

But even if it looks good out of the box, some people just HAVE to go custom, and nothing screams custom and money to burn more than coating your gadget in precious metal (and I guess gems, but that just feels tacky to me). On the gold plated front, for ~$1500USD you can now pick up 24ct gold plated Bold 9900s off of eBay from a company called TW3NTY. [Update: Looks like the image here is a rip off from Amosu Couture ].

And below we have another picture that was recently sent in by our friend Dave from BBThemes. He was REALLY excited for his Bold 9900 to arrive and wanted to treat himself to something special so decided to take the unique approach of getting it coated in Platinum. He did it through (it was the first BB they did). The platinum is pretty similar looking in the photo to stainless steel, but it's definitely platinum. Subtle, but classy (and apparently easier to smudge).

So if money was no object, what would you do you here? Go Gold? Platinum? Bling it up with diamonds? Or keep it simple and leave it stock?!  Let us know in the comments!

Platinum BlackBerry Bold 9900

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