24kt Gold BlackBerry Curve 8900

* Update: If you want one of these babies done up for yourself, be sure to mention to Computer Choppers that you heard about this through CrackBerry and they'll hook you up with a bit of a price break. *

I've been talking to Alex over at Computer Choppers off and on for a long time now (since the launch of the Bold), wondering when they would offer a 24kt solution for the latest generation of BlackBerry devices. Rewind back a couple years and pictures of Pharrel Williams rocking an 18kt BlackBerry 8700 and then 18k BlackBerry 8800 were everywhere, but we had yet to see a gold-plated Bold, 8900 or Storm. That is until now.

It took them a while to get the process right, but now if you're into bling on your Berrys you can get a gold Curve 8900. From Computer Choppers:

Today we're officially unveiling the first of our 24kt Gold Blackberry lineup, the 8900 Curve. Prices start at $999 USD / €720 EUR for a new unlocked unit with optional black or gold keyboard. For current owners, individual parts can be ordered. Contact us for details. All plating comes with a protective clear coat for everyday use. Diamond jewelry and other plating finishes are available by request. International customers welcome.

The hottest product on the market just got a bit hotter.

Other devices in the line-up should be coming soon (gold Bold bezel pictured below). If you want to get your bling on, you can click on the gold Curve 8900 to jump over to Computer Choppers to learn more.


Gold Bold Bezel