Bling - A Series Of Premium Themes From Ninja Themes

I was attacked by a Ninja last night. Yes, it's true. He snuck in, attacked me and then proceeded to bling my BlackBerry out. After I woke up from my daze I was left with a with a note that demanded I make this post and give away 30 free copies on a first come, first serve basis. Said Ninja was from Ninja Themes who recently released the above Bling series of themes for guys and gals. If you're looking to bling out your BlackBerry this is the theme to have. You can pick it up for only $2.99 and if you act fast and use the coupon code BLINGCB30 on the mobile store you can get your copy today for free. Now, I'm off to my self defense training class so I'll be better prepared to handle any future attacks.