For the second time in the past year we recently ran a poll asking BlackBerry 10 users "How often are you using BlackBerry Blend?" For those that missed the post, the initial poll was ran back when Blend first became available. However, at that moment in time it would only run on a couple of devices. Now that all BlackBerry 10 handsets are compatible it was time to get a real reflection on how many of you are 'Blending' on a daily basis.

Jumping straight into the results it's clear to see that BlackBerry Blend is pretty popular. With 38.19% of the votes, it seems that a lot of you are only using Blend every now and then. That's almost to be expected as us BlackBerry users love to pick up our devices and hammer away on the keyboard - whether physical or virtual.

However, the every day users are not far behind, with 32.21% and they're clearly very happy with the awesome software from BlackBerry. And of course, we then get the voters who aren't fans or have never even tried it. There's always going to be these folk - It all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day.

If BlackBerry see this post I'm fairly sure they'll be happy with the findings. Will Blend be around long term? I'd certainly like to think so!