Remember "Ping Me Baby! (One More Time)" by Riz? That video up there might help jog your memory. The very first sound you hear in the video is an old OS 5 ringtone called Lightspeed. As much as you might like to have it as your very own, Lightspeed and a number of other older BlackBerry ringtones just aren't preloaded on newer OS 6 and OS 7 devices. Good luck trying to find those older 'tones on the internet; Research In Motion has been pretty diligent in keeping those sound files to themselves.

That's not to say that Lightspeed and the rest are gone forever. Thanks to a tip from CrackBerry reader Shane W, we now have a link to download them directly from BlackBerry App World. Previously, we've seen these sounds available as Over the Air (OTA) download from but getting them through App World makes things that much easier.

To me, more ringtones = more awesome. Each and every new message / phone call / Facebook notification can have its own sound on my phone. It takes a little getting used to - and occasionally my BlackBerry sounds like a Las Vegas slot machine - but it means I know exactly what kind of message I received just by listening. Add in a touch of OS 5 nostalgia, and you've got a recipe for greatness.

A quick note: once you've installed them using the App World application, the OS 5 ringtones will show up in your uninstalled applications. Whether that's a glitch or simply the result of installing an "app" that isn't an app, I don't know. Rest assured, Lightspeed and the rest will be in your ringtones folder, just waiting to tell you something new has happened on your BlackBerry.

Download OS 5 Ringtones from BlackBerry App World