Blaq updates to v1.4.2 with plenty of bug fixes and enhancements

It has been exactly a month since BlackBerry 10 Twitter client, Blaq, received a major update to v1.4. It had tonnes of new features as well as bug fixes. Today, another update has rolled out, bringing it to v1.4.2.5. Blaq is a great Twitter client that I keep going back to. As I'm sure many users would agree.

Here's a rundown of what's new in v1.4.2.5.


  • Tweet post error banner with tap-to-retry
  • Pull to refresh in search and user tweets


  • BIG Start-up time improvements
  • Watchlist and background streams are compressed again to save on bandwidth
  • Email address for Send Logs feature is now remembered after first-use


  • Mentions indicator not showing
  • Search not auto focusing on keyboard devices
  • When user is blocked, unblock menu item doesn't show and vice versa
  • When a tweet has failed to post, the posted successfully banner gets stuck
  • Gap fill not showing where needed
  • BBID restore popup occurs after restore/skip completed
  • Compose floater shown briefly when moving between screens even though it's disabled
  • If background service crashes, UI app forcefully tries to reconnect which slows down device
  • Crash when tweet displayed on active frame is deleted
  • Outgoing direct messages have a dark font on lite theme
  • Minor cosmetic and memory issues
  • Bad pull interval on BBID restore causes app to endlessly request timelines (battery drain)
  • In some cases, Send button on Send Logs doesn't enable
  • When app is minimized, it attempts to poll for new tweets even though background updates is enabled.
  • Unable to attach a new photo after posting a photo
  • Direct messages reappear after being deleted
  • Unicode characters showing incorrectly in timeline when Hold Place in Timeline is turned on
  • Unicode characters showing incorrectly in hub (watchlist or photo post notification)
  • Picture preview for compose screen too small (Passport)

If you haven't updated already, take a trip into BlackBerry World for the update.

Learn more / Download Blaq from BlackBerry World