While we have yet to do a full review on Blaq (It's coming) that certainly hasn't stopped the updates from rolling out for the latest Twitter application to hit your BlackBerry device. Blaq, has over the past few days rolled out version 1.01.2 to all users. With this update comes plenty of bug fixes covering things that were found in the intial release as well, adds a few requested features and changes along the way. The full change log can be found below:

New Additions:

  • Profile editing
  • Avatar updating
  • New “G” shortcut for Go to User Profile
  • “Connection” setting in Settings screen
  • “Animate Timeline” has been changed to “Swipe to Switch”
  • “Get more” in user timeline and list timeline 
  • Fixed BIS support
  • Fixed TwitLonger support
  • Fixed manager.insert error
  • Fixed local timeout error
  • Many optimizations for increased speed

Yes, it's true. Some of us are till waiting on a Torch compatible version but, for all you Bold, Curve and Tour owners out there you can grab either the free, ad supported version or you may also grab the full release for only $4.99 which has no ads and brings with it additional features over the free version.

  • Click Here To Purchase Blaq For Your BlackBerry Device Today >>