Blaq update brings new Quote Tweet option, adaptive theme and more

Blaq, one of the popular third party Twitter apps, has just been updated and it consists of a long list of new additions. Blaq hasn't been updated in a while but it did have a stint in BlackBerry Beta Zone where most of the features were put through a beta test. One of the biggest additions is the new Quote Tweet option that Twitter introduced some time ago that allows you to quote the original tweet in your own update for reference.

This update also brings the option for an adaptive theme, similar to BlackBerry's own auto-changing keyboard theme. The difference here is that the theme changes depending on your environment rather than the app theme. It's a pretty neat feature, though it often startles me as I forget I have the feature set on. I usually use the dark theme, so I get a nice surprise when it switches to the light theme.

Here's what's new in v1.6.0.100.

  • Quote Tweet - Post and view
  • Auto-lite theme - Theme automatically changes based on your environment
  • Keyboard shortcuts for tweets in any view
    • Reply = ALT+R
    • Retweet + ALT+E
    • Favorite = ALT+F
    • Options = ALT+O
  • Support for new languages
    • Japanese
    • Indonesia
    • Czech
  • Push notification fixes
  • Watchlist notification fixes
  • Removed 140 character limit on Direct Messages
  • Bridge and Talk2Watch integration
  • Quoted Tweets now send notifications to the Hub. For now, control of notification is shared with Retweets
  • Conversation and replies have been expanded
  • UTF characters mangled when Hold place in Timeline is enabled and app starts
  • Instagram previews and viewing
  • Favorites are now Likes

The developer does recommend that you try reinstalling the app if the push notifications don't seem to be working. Also, if you were having issues with UTF characters, you may need to disable the Hold place in Timeline option and then re-enable it to kick start the fix.

If you haven't seen the update already, head on to BlackBerry World and get this much awaited update. If you're interested it purchasing Blaq, it will cost you $2.99 and it is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Download Blaq from BlackBerry World