If you've been having some issues with Blaq since the last update, you'll want to go ahead and try out the latest build now available in BlackBerry World. v1.4.1.1 brings with it a lot of bug fixes plus, introduces a new public logging feature to help squash bugs even faster should they arise again. Here's the list of other fixes included:

  • When compose floater is turned off, actionbar is also turned off for tweets, statuses and timelines (10.3 only)
  • Unicode characters do not display correctly when viewed from the hub (watchlist of photo notification)
  • When using the lite theme, full names of tweet authors are difficult to see
  • Loading user tweets is slow
  • Removed old 10.0 initialization code for push registration
  • Changed browser invocation to unbound instead of bound so other browsers can be used (Evolution browser, Hub browser, etc)

The update is appearing for everyone in BlackBerry World right now, so go ahead and get it downloaded as soon as possible, especially if you've been having issues with the previous build.

Download Blaq for BlackBerry 10