Blaq for BlackBerry 10 updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

Have you already purchased Blaq and want to get in on the latest beta? If so, you'll want to fire up the BlackBerry Beta Zone and get it downloaded. Moving into v1.6.0.79, this releases adds a few new features while including some fixes for bugs that existed in previous builds.

  • Added - Talk2Watch Integration.
  • Added - Quoted Tweets now send notifications to the Hub. For now, control of the notifications is shared with retweets.
  • Enhanced - Conversation and replies have been expanded.
  • Fixed - UTF characters mangled when Hold place in timeline in enabled and app starts. Note: UTF characters won't be fixed right away. You may need to disable Hold Place in Timeline in the settings, restart the app then re-enable it.

Again, you must have already purchased Blaq in order to be able to access the beta release, so if you haven't done that yet, you can grab it from BlackBerry World. If you have purchased Blaq, load up the BlackBerry Beta Zone and get it loaded.