For many BlackBerry 10 users, Blaq is the go to Twitter client on their devices and after some hardcore beta testing to address bugs and add improvements a new build of Blaq for BlackBerry 10 has been released. The updated version, noted as v1.3.2, is currently filtering through BlackBerry World right now so you can get yourself updated as soon as it appears for you. In case you want the full run down of changes and improvements, you can jump below to see the full list.


  • Compose in hub – Now you can compose your tweets directly from the hub with Blaq.
  • Classic active frame – For those of you who enjoyed the simplicity of the original active frame, it’s now back!


  • Battery drain fixes
  • Search field is focused automatically on physical keyboard devices
  • Instead of selecting specific directories for the photo picker, the Pictures view is now used by default.

Tons of fixes (including):

  • Hub “account restore” notifications
  • Duplicate hub icons
  • Unable to add/remove users from lists
  • Inability to open hub items
  • Accounts not set up on devices still receiving notifications

If you're not seeing it yet, don't fret. Remember, BlackBerry World updates take up to 24 hours to appear but you can always check the listing in BlackBerry World to or try installing it from the web version of BlackBerry World to kind of sort of force it to download without a wait time.

Download Blaq for BlackBerry 10