The Instagram client BlackGram took the BlackBerry world by storm over the weekend with mixed reviews. While some had no problem dropping $2.99 to finally have native Instagram on BlackBerry 10, others looked it over and are waiting out some other options. BlackGram had some issues at first but an update has just arrived in BlackBerry World that boasts some great improvements. 

The improvements in the update include fixes for login, updated cloud infrastructure, faster image loading and much more.

Here's what's new:

  • fix: image editor crash
  • fix: auto-renew of expired/invalid access token
  • fix: scrolling issues and image sizes on 720p devices
  • new: Overall performance boost for page scrolling and page navigations
  • new: Loading of images and feeds optimization 
  • new: Added links for '@' tags to the relative user page
  • new: Added continuous scrolling for main feed, personal feed, user posts, tag posts, etc.
  • new: Rotate images from viewer
  • new: Open videos with the native phone media player
  • new: Added new shortcut menus to the 'More'  button bar for a better usability
  • new: progress feedback of like/unlike actions
  • new: 'Go to top' button added in personal feed and comments
  • new: UI fixes/improvements

Plenty more updates are in store as well for future versions, so there is definitely more to look forward to.

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