BlackBerry Z10

Reading over the rules from the BlackBerry fan event contest, I noticed that the winners get a free case with their device as part of the prize. While it doesn't say just what kind of case it is, we do know that there should be quite a few available for BlackBerry 10 phones at the start including the "Flip Shell" and "Transform Shell". In years past RIM has included mostly leather holsters or pocket pouches with phones out of the box and a simple neoprene sleeve with the BlackBerry PlayBook. I'm curious to see if they will continue that tradition with BlackBerry 10 by including some sort of case with the device. It could be something simple like a shell or maybe even a flip case -- who knows. We'll have to wait a few more weeks to find out. 

What type of case would you want to see included with your BlackBerry 10 phone? Let us know in the poll above what you'd most like to see when you crack open your BlackBerry 10 box.