Pushbullet is a pretty fantastic iOS and Android app that automatically shows you all of your phone's notifications right on your computer. However, there's no BlackBerry 10 version for people to make use of but stepping up to the plate to fill that void is BlackBerry developer QTHelex with a beta of their native BlackBullet app.

BlackBullet is a native client for pushbullet.com - This is a service which offers nifty and handy machine to machine communication, even if the devices are not within the same network. You can sent texts from your desktop to your BlackBerry as well as a link to a website from your BlackBerry to your Firefox or Chrome browser. BlackBullet integrates itself already into the sharing framework of BlackBerry 10, so you can simply share text or links to it and push it to a different device.

But the Pushbullet service and hence our BlackBullet app has even more to offer, it integrates itself into the network of IFTTT.com which welcomes you with "Put the internet to work for you." at their website. You can create based on stuff which happens on the internet recipes and let this service execute stuff automatically in the background. Sending out notifications to Pushbullet gets offered too, and this is where BlackBullet comes to play.

If a new article at CrackBerry gets posted it will directly be pushed to the BlackBerry Hub as well as a lot of other useful notifications. To drive this kind of geek toy into a extreme BlackBullet has already talk2watch integration which can forward any kind of Pushbullet (and IFTTT) notification directly to your Pebble Smartwatch at your wrist.

Sounds interesting, right? The app right now is understandably not fully complete. It is after all a beta release but if you're looking to test it out, you can head on into the CrackBerry Forums to learn more. The app is available in BlackBerry World so you don't need to worry about sideloading it however, if you do grab it be sure to give feedback.