BlackBullet beta updated with Pushbullet subscription support and more

If you are using Pushbullet third party client BlackBullet, you'll be happy to know that it has received another update. It is still labelled beta but the app is coming along nicely. Since our last update post there have been some tweaks and additions. One of which is support for Subscriptions (Channels) as well as improved CrackBerry News integration and Talk2Watch integration.

Here's the full list of changes since the last update:

  • added support for Subscriptions (Channels)
  • when filtering from devices or contacts tab the selected tab changes now correctly to the inbox
  • filter functionality for Subscriptions (Channels)
  • fixed a small bug in the icon image caching
  • reduced the packaging size by 900kB in comparison to the previous version
  • in case you have the CB10 app installed and subscribed to CrackBerry News the articles are getting now a preview directly within BlackBullet, with a single button press you get then directly to this article within the CB10 app to comment on or to share
  • some layout corrections at the title bar
  • new Filter functionality for pushes where Contacts were involved
  • new shortcut filter buttons at the device Tab
  • new shortcut filter buttons at the contacts Tab
  • larger Inbox Filter Area when expanded
  • faster reaction time when applying a Filter
  • fixed hopefully a small glitch at the ActiveFrame
  • more reliable loading mechanism when a lot of items are getting in at the same time (including new status messages)
  • fixed a bug at the activity indicator in the upper left corner
  • fixed a bug with the Talk2Watch and Pebble integration (this should work now again as before)
  • the close prompt gets now removed instantly in case a user upgrades to the pro version
  • updated documentation
  • several important improvements in the push service integration

That's quite a lot of new additions. If you're a Pebble smartwatch user, Talk2Watch integration is now headless, so you don't need BlackBullet open to get CrackBerry updates to your wrist. If you haven't already updated, head into BlackBerry World to do so now. BlackBullet is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Remember, it is still in beta, so give some feedback to the developer to help improve the app even more.

As a quick reminder, if you don't know what the Pushbullet service is all about, it is a service that pushes notifications from your device to your desktop browser, as well as share files, links, notes and URLs to your browser. It integrates with, so you can push those recipes to your device too.

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