On a daily basis, my BlackBerry serves as more than a communication device. From juggling a hectic calendar and several email accounts to simply switching between multiple screens, getting things done is a priority for me. One of the applications readily available to users to aid in this task is ClipMan Clipboard Manager.

This headless application allows users to quickly and easily copy and paste several lines of text to any application on your device. Whether you choose to create drafts, notes, or even templates, ClipMan is a handy tool for tracking and pasting multiple items added to your clipboard.

Since our last look at the application, the developer has been busy working on another productivity tool, BlackBullet. This native Pushbullet client, while still in beta, allows you to send texts and links between your devices as well as through the IFTTT service.

Now that both of these applications are available to download, the developer has added a small but terrific feature to both applications. A cloud extension has been added to ClipMan in order to synchronize the clipboard of all devices a user has. Using the BlackBullet application, users are able to push individual or multiple text blocks and links from within ClipMan to their Desktop PC, Firefox, Chrome, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In other words, and as the developer describes it, ClipMan acts as a clipboard control center. In addition, using this more advanced option the clipboard sync works both ways as it takes advantage of the universal copy and paste of the Pushbullet service. Therefore, content copied on your BlackBerry can be pasted into open applications on your other devices and vice versa.

In order to demonstrate this feature, check out the hands-on video above to see it in action. The functionality is quick and easy to setup. An interesting item to note is that while I was writing this, I happened to cut and paste several sections of this post and subsequent revisions on my PC. As it so happens, ClipMan registered all of these changes on my BlackBerry as you can see in the image above.

Finally, to help celebrate the announcement and launch of the BlackBerry Passport, ClipMan is slashing its price as part of the Productivity App Sale Campaign. If you didn't have a chance to purchase it before, then be sure to grab it for the low price of $0.99.

As someone who constantly switches between a PC and my BlackBerry throughout the day (be it for work or personal), this is an excellent feature to have added for everyday use while on the go. Please note that in order to function properly, BlackBullet needs to be in the foreground to be able to sync the clipboard. For those concerned over privacy and security issues you can read the full disclosure in the settings under Universal Copy and Paste.

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