For anyone who uses the service, no doubt you are familiar with BlackBullet. This third-party native application for BlackBerry 10 allows transfer links, notes, and files between all of your devices quickly and easily.

Since its initial release, the developer has pushed out several updates to expand its capabilities and functionalities including integration with other applications (i.e. Talk2Watch Pro) as well as additional improvements and enhancements.

The latest feature to be added is clipboard instant share. This handy little feature allows you to instantly share text and links copied to your clipboard to all of your devices.

Now how does this work you might ask? It's very simple and requires you to have instant previews turned on. However, clipboard instant share is disabled by default in BlackBullet, so you will have to turn it on by going into Settings.

Once enabled, each time you copy text or a link, the BlackBullet toast message appears at the top of your screen. All you have to do is tap on the notification and the information copied to your clipboard is instantly shared with all devices connected to BlackBullet/PushBullet. You can check out the video above for a complete walk-through on this feature and how quickly it works to deliver content.

BlackBullet is free to download for all BlackBerry devices. In order to utilize this new instant share feature, the pro version of BlackBullet is required (an in-app purchase of $0.99) as is installing ClipMan Clipboard Manager.

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