The BlackBerry Storm 9530 and 9500 Super Resource Page! |

The BlackBerry Storm 9530 and 9500 Super Resource Page!

The BlackBerry Storm 9530 and 9500 Super Resource Page!

The BlackBerry Storm

Everything You Want to Know About the BlackBerry Storm is Here!

Have you been swept away in a BlackBerry Storm? Want to learn more about Research in Motion's first touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone? Good News - you have come to the right place. This page is your portal to everything you want to know about the BlackBerry Storm. We've got videos, links to carrier sites, hands-on reviews and more. There's enough BlackBerry Storm content here to keep you going for hours. If you want to discuss or ask questions about the BlackBerry Storm be sure to check out our BlackBerry Storm Forum - there are over 6.000 threads and 80,000 posts on the Storm already! Enjoy the show. And when your friends get caught in the Storm, be sure to tell them to visit to get their fix!

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The BlackBerry Storm 9530 and 9500 Super Resource Page!


I have had my blackberry storm for about 2 weeks now and do not have much on it and it is sooooo slow and always freezes. Especially if someone calls me it freezes and I cannot answer.. GRRR. I am about to take it back. Does anyone know of anything I could do to stop this?

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I feel in love with this phone the first time I saw it but I have had some problems with it. I have had to go the store were I bought it from a couple of time to have them help me out. I found out that if you shut ur phone off while you are sleeping or just shut it off and then turn it back on the phone works great. The reason is because if you have not closed out of app the right way it is still running even if you not using it. Now every night I have the auto shut off on so my phone is off for an hour at night and turns back on all by itself. I have had no problems with it since then. I do know that a new update is happening in april. So keep check your phone for the update. If you don't know how to do that just let me know I will tell you how to do it.

I am hearing tonight that there is an update to be available on Friday the 10th. I received a text from a Verizon Wireless employee and he relayed this info to me. I will be visiting a verizon wireless store on Saturday the 11th and will ask them then if this is the case (upgraded OS) and will they do it while I'm there. Do you have any information to this end? Please get back to me. Thank you.


Phone - Storm 9530 received 3-26

I dont know about you guys... But yes the phone has alot of great features... But its just not what i expected... It freezes alot its slow to open pics and programs... When your on the internet and you want to type or press something to go into it the phone zooms in instead of opening the page... I mean dont get me wrong i love black berry but i think they rushed the phone... It still has alot of bugs... Does anyone know if theres any updates so i can stop complaining and start loving this phone??

I love this phone and to buellrdr if you take it out of the holster and it does that its becasue you havent changed the setting to how you would like it. it might be set to answer if you take it out of the holster.
Other than some getting use to because it is a touch screen phone, i am in love. It is amazing and I am happy that I am able to have the very 1st all touch screen blackberry.

So far the phone is great. More free apps. would be even better. Why does the phone just shut off and reboot on its own like when i go to answer an incoming call or just take it out of the holster....Anybody know. Can you download apps and put them on the memory card or do they have to go into application memory.

Can someone give me a good enough reason why I should keep this storm instead of switching over to cingular and get the I phone? This fone is sweet except for the part where u have to pay for apps and no wifi. Wifi isn't a big deal but the part where I have to pay for pretty much everything I put on the fone is and the I phone has all free apps and games! Does anyone have advise for me? Will there ever be a free app center for the storm?

Well I never had an I Phone, but talking to my cousin who has had it since day one. He said that the apps were pretty much all pay when it first came out. I don't know for a fact if that's true or not, but I'm assuming as time goes by there will be more, and more free apps for the phone...I have found a few free apps...nothing "great", but it will come....I hope!!

When have you ever heard of Apple giving apps away for free, everything costs money and if you want it on your phone then you have to pay for it plain and simple. I got my Storm the beginning of January and although there are some fixes that are needed, I love it. I had the Blackberry Pearl prior to this and the Storm is WAYYYY better......

Im just picked up the 9530 Storm from Vzw.Theres plenty of free apps available and new ones coming out all the time.Im very happy with the service and with the BB.Storm.And i have it full of things just not through Verizon.I pay a lil more for the unlimited data usage but well worth it.My advice to you ...Stick with BB and get a better service provider.

I need a great word Document Application for my STORM.. Also need to get Pocket Mac to work on my Macbook... need to back up my STORM, BADD!! Help! A Friendly Crackaddict....

Dose anyone know if Sprint to will get this phone I would hate to leave. I love my curve but would love the touch screen BB

is it more glass like the iPhone or more plastic like the LG Dare?

and those that have used one - can you scroll through web pages (and photos etc) like the iphone with light pressure OR do you have to "click" down on the screen?

looking forward to this device!!!

I walked into a Best Buy today and pre-ordered my storm. The date on my appointment time was November 16! Who knows, maybe that really is the day.

Like a watched pot, I check everyday for an update on the release date. I am very excited about this phone and hope that the slow release means it's a winner from the start, unlike the iPhone that still suffers from bugs and functionality issues.

God, I'm so excited for this phone. It'll be my first blackberry too! I just wish verizon would stop being so coy with us and just announce the price and release date. I mean it's not like they don't already know. Just freaking tell us.

Thanks for all this information on one page. I can't wait for this phone. It's going to be my first Blackberry!

Am I the only person to notice that there was a Blackberry Storm for sale on Ebay a couple of days ago for $985 or somewhere around there?

i'm actually getting the storm in the mail from verizon tomorrow!!! i will let you guys know if it's for real. i ordered it via customer service last week and they said it would be at my house on tuesday!