Google Maps 4.2

Recently, Google released an update to BlackBerry owners who use Google Maps. With this update, version 4.2 gives us new features, like biking directions. You will be able to retrieve bicycle specific lanes, trails and directions, rather than strictly roadways. You and your biker gang (rather, your bicycle gang) can now enjoy the power of Google Maps - your way. This is especially apparent with the newly added Bicycle Layer on the map. This layer will display where the bike-only trails, as well as roads with or without a dedicated lane.

Other updates include: being able to share locations with your friends and the ability to view detailed information on the location in question. As you search for a hot spot, you will see additional options that allow you to check out (or start) the latest ‘buzz’ on this location, with images and check out a street view. I like being able to send out a map location of where you are via SMS or email. It’s the perfect way to draw your friends to a new hangout. To download the latest version, point your mobile browser to

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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