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What Up CrackBerry Fam?!

I have some FUN NEWS to share and I hope you've not made any plans for May 11th. You did? Cancel them, we've got something else going on!

The BlackBerry Movie officially opens in theatres on May 12th, but I had a chance to watch it last week.

It was… AWESOME. Way funnier than I expected with a lot of suspense… it brought back so much BlackBerry nostalgia that if you're reading this I know you're going to want to go see the movie.

SAVE THE DATE: CrackBerry Exclusive Screenings on May 11th in NYC, Chicago and Toronto

I might be delusional in thinking I can get a bunch of us (likely former) BlackBerry Users and Abusers out to a movie theatre on the same night, but that's exactly what I'd love to try and do.

As I type this we've already lined up CrackBerry Exclusive Early Screenings in New York and Chicago for Thursday, May 11th (the day before it officially opens). If you're in those cities, save the date, grab a ticket, and come on out to the theater!! And bring an old BlackBerry with you... not only will it make for a great photo op if a bunch of us have our favorite old BBs with us, but it will also get you a free popcorn if you show it at the concession stand (NYC and Chicago)! 🍿

Buy Tickets and Register:

Let's Have Some Fun!

Blackberry Movie
Source: IFC Films

I know y'all would rather be lining up at a carrier store to get your hands on a BlackBerry KEY3, but since that's not happening I think taking a night to pay homage to the good 'ole days of BlackBerry is a next best thing.

And if you can't make it to a CrackBerry Exclusive Screening, be sure to hit up the BlackBerry Movie when it comes to a theatre near you. I know you're going to enjoy it.

See you at the Movies,

CrackBerry Kevin

PS. No, I'm not getting paid to promote this movie… watching it just brought back so many warm and fuzzies that I felt compelled to do something Cracky!

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