BlackBerry By Choice! We're #1! If you don't like... well... read the hand :)

* Update / Contest Soon : Interesting... as I say below, such a mix in reactions on this one. Not unexpected. I just hit up the RevBerry guys who says the shirts have been flying off the shelf like hotcakes. Maybe actions do speak louder than words. But reading through the comments, too many of you for my liking are not impressed with this one in the comments, so tell ya what... we'll uncheck this one from the homepage for now. The hardcore will still know how to find it. We have some "thumbs up" versions on the way -- those should go over better with a bunch of you. And tell ya what, to win back some love... one the thumbs up version is ready we'll run an updated post on the blogs (using that image of course) and give people a chance to win their version of choice! Stay tuned for that. And remember people... it's CrackBerry... sometimes we just have to push the limits. That's what we do. If you never do that, you never know the boundaries. :) *

I know, I know... it's vulgar, immature, inappropriate, unprofessional, unclassy... and TOTALLY AWESOME!! When we ran our initial design idea for the BlackBerry by Choice t-shirt here on CrackBerry, it received a massive and mixed review. Half of you hated it and half of you loved it. To me that's the perfect ratio for what is meant to be a controversial shirt. And those who loved it have been the most vocal about it... we've been receiving emails and tweets literally daily asking us when we'd be putting this shirt up for sale.

This one's not hitting the ShopCrackBerry store as of yet, but our friends at RevBerry, who love to preach young and fun, picked up on this one and have now put up a range of BlackBerry by Choice t-shirts, hoodies and tanks up for sale in their store. I've tested the merchandise, it's solid, and I've given them the CrackBerry Kevin blessing and stamp of approval. Free shipping is available in the US and International shipping is avallable too. 

So if you're a hardcore BlackBerry fan and want to show your Android and iOS using friends that BlackBerry is still your #1 choice in the most offensive way possible, then hit up RevBerry at the links below and wear your hardcore love of BlackBerry with pride. And for those looking for a cleaner BBbyChoice look, more are coming your way so stay tuned. 

Browse and Shop for BlackBerry By Choice Gear at



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