If you fancy having a look at the new BlackBerry Z30 in action, the above video arrived on YouTube earlier today, courtesy of lowyat.net. They were lucky enough to get some early hands on time with the device in Malaysia and as you'll see it's quite a beauty. 

What's just as impressive though is the new features in BlackBerry 10.2, which you'll see demonstrated. Things such as priority messaging in the hub, viewing attachments only and setting multiple alarms may not be ground breaking but they are certainly a great addition to the OS. 

It's a bit odd seeing a BlackBerry without a removable battery but with the monster 2880 mAh being inside the Z30 it should be powerful enough to get us through the day. 

We will of course have our own selection of Z30 videos coming up over the next few days so stay tuned for those. In the meantime, this one will keep your juices flowing - if that's the right term to use?