If you tuned into BlackBerry Product Manager, Michael Clewley's BBM Channel (PIN C00014277) or read up on the BlackBerry Z30 press release, you would have caught the mention that the BlackBerry Z30 supports USB on the go. USB on the go is something that has been in the works for BlackBerry 10 for a while now but it finally arrives in BlackBerry 10.2 on the BlackBerry Z30.

If you're not familiar with the option, it allows your mobile phone to act as host for USB peripherals. One such example would be a USB flash drive for instance wherein the device, can read its contents but then it also allows the device to act as a flash drive when plugged into a host computer and allow the computer to read data from the device. It's extremely handy for quickly adding additional storage to a device or saving large files for use on a computer as an example, without filling up your mobile storage.

Rather than just reposting the screenshot from Michael Clewley, you can also check out the video above starting at the 3:10 mark to get a really quick look at it all in action. The video comes from Heise Online who already has a nice look at the BlackBerry Z30 on their website. With all this in mind you're likely wondering, will USB on to go be supported by previous BlackBerry 10 devices? Don't shoot the messenger but according to Michael Clewley, it's a BlackBerry Z30 only feature. I'm sorry!