It was only very recently that we told you that the Z10 price had been cut at UK retailer Carphone Warehouse. It seems that they are now following suit with the monster Z30, although the prices are not quite as attractive as with the Z10 - but that makes perfect sense. 

You can now pick up the BlackBerry 10 flagship for just £419.95, SIM Free, which is a pretty decent step in the right direction when you look at the alternative retailers who are selling for about £500.00. 

Things have improved on the contract side too - with prices starting from just £25 per month on a two year deal, with no up-front cost for the handset. If you have a look at the likes of the Vodafone website you'll see that prices are a wee bit more expensive, plus they are currently charging a price for the device too. 

Once again, it's super for us UK BlackBerry fans to get better deals. Let's hope that the other networks/retailers follow in Carphone Warehouse's footsteps. Plus a price reduction on the Q10 would be nice - for the die hard hardware keyboard lovers out there. 

Check out the various BlackBerry Z30 deals from Carphone Warehouse

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