BlackBerry Z30 launches on T-Mobile Germany

It's always great to see the latest BlackBerry hit another carrier, and this time around it's the Z30 landing on T-Mobile in Germany. T-Mobile have a range of price plans available - with up front costs starting from 9.95€, and ranging up to 539.96€ for the handset only. 

We are still to see a bunch of carriers around the world launch the Z30. However, after the recent news that BlackBerry is to get a $1 billion investment I'm hoping this will give more networks piece of mind on the handsets capabilities. Although it's been a rocky road for BlackBerry this year we must not forget that things with BlackBerry 10 are not all doom and gloom. We've seen various government agencies commit to BES 10, along with the main man, Barak Obama still using his BlackBerry - with no signs of parting with it.

If carriers worldwide are still introducing the Z30 they surely must believe that there are consumers out there prepared to part with their cash - good news all round if you ask me. 

Order the BlackBerry Z30 online from T-Mobile Germany