BlackBerry Z30 goes on sale in the UK today

I had the privilege of being invited to a BlackBerry Z30 UK Press Event yesterday. We got some hands-on time with the Z30 and there were lots of demos going on. As soon as you I got my hands on one, my first reaction was "Whoa, this thing is huge!" The Z30 is, as you know, the biggest BlackBerry device to date. There is some weight to it too. That said, browsing on the Z30 is a dream and with the OLED screen it's even sexier.

It was a small event with less than 30 people there but there was lots of hustle and bustle. There were people from BlackBerry making their way around the room answering questions everyone there. There were even some that wanted to pull away a guy who was giving a demo at out table to ask more questions. Needless to say there was some interest in the device.

The BlackBerry Z30 goes on sale today at Selfridges. They will have exclusivity from today until Sunday. Similar to what happened when the Q10 launched, where we saw the Q10 become Selfridges' fastest selling device.

From Monday 30th September, it will be available nationally at all Carphone Warehouse stores and Vodafone outlets. Other U.K. carriers are due to follow but we have no ETA yet.

If you're interested in picking up a BlackBerry Z30 in the U.K. pop down to Selfridges or order online. Otherwise, wait until Monday. Selfridges only has the blackberry Z30 in stock. Upon visiting the Carphone Warehouse website you can pre-order a white one. Though the shipping date is for October 15th.

Selfridges has the BlackBerry Z30 SIM free for £529.

More information / Purchase a BlackBerry Z30 from Selfridges