The BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 both have an awesome accessory in the battery charger bundle. It's long been one of our favorites thanks to the multitude of uses. While the BlackBerry Z30 has a non-removable battery, it looks like BlackBerry will be offering up a similar external charger for that device as well. 

The Z30 charger won't be so much of a battery bundle as a simple external charger. Where the Z10 and Q10 versions allow for charging an extra battery and/or powering your device, the 2100mAH Z30 charger seen here will just be a spare charger with no extra battery option. 

The battery life on the Z30 has been nothing less than stellar for us so far, but we do love to have the extra juice at the ready should the need arise. This guy can be charged up and carried in your pocket or bag so you can easily power your Z30 in times of need. 

No word on pricing or a release date just yet, but we'd expect this to show up sometime in the near future.