With the BlackBerry Z30 now official, there's a lot of folks asking "When will it be available in my country" and while we'll all have to wait for official announcements for the most part before we'll know, one area that can now be checked off the waiting list is Australia. Telstra has announced they'll be releasing the BlackBerry Z30 on October 29th, for all customers looking to pick one up.

When it comes to pricing, Telstra will be offering a few options including an outright purchase cost of AU$672. If you're not looking to purchase it outright, you can sign up for 24 months on the $80 Every Day Connect Plan and get the BlackBerry Z30 for free. Business customers can also purchase the BlackBerry Z30 on $80 Business Performance Plan with 24 month terms. You can check out the source link below for all the details.