BlackBerry Z30 apps in BlackBerry World to be automatically available for the BlackBerry Z3

A note to developers. If your app is available for the BlackBerry Z30 in BlackBerry World, then it will automatically be made available for the upcoming BlackBerry Z3 smartphone. Since they share similar physical dimensions as well as screen size, most if not all apps compatible with the Z30 will also support the Z3.

If, for whatever reason, you do not wish for your app to be made available for the BlackBerry Z3 you can simply opt out and perhaps add compatibility at a later stage. Developers should start to receive an email with regards to this. I do hope that developers don't opt out. It would be great to have the BlackBerry Z3 launch with a nice variety of apps available. Sharing the same screen size as the Z30 and perhaps the same screen resolution there wouldn't be much tweaking, or any at all, needed to make it run well.

The deadline to opt out, if you choose to do so, is March 14th, 2014, 5pm EST. The link can be found within the email you receive.