Now that the BlackBerry Z3 has officially launched and is available for purchase, many folks are waiting to see how well the device actually sells for BlackBerry. Early indications showed there was some pretty good demand for the device with retailers but that's always debatable.

Perhaps the best evidence of a good start that's available right now is actually seeing how many people turned out for the launch events and according to some videos on YouTube there was plenty of folks that did just that. Ultimately, we'll end up seeing the sales numbers eventually but this works for the moment.

Check out the video above from the one of the Indosat events and jump below for a few more including some new Indosat marketing for the BlackBerry Z3. Yes, I said marketing. As in a commercial of sorts showing off the Z3. Even though I don't understand what they're saying, the commercial is rather obvious and funny. Read our review of the Z3? If not get to it.

Via: NerdBerry

Update - The Inside BlackBerry Blog has now followed up with more info surrounding the launch of the BlackBerry Z3 in Indonesia - BlackBerry Z3 Sells Out on First Day in Indonesia

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