Depending on where you live, pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z3 started about 15 hours ago from the time of this posting and already Indonesian retailers such as Elevenia, Jeruknipis and Globalteleshop are reporting there's no stock left to order. They've seemingly ran through all their allotted pre-order stock for the latest BlackBerry 10 device.

Of course, that's great to see but the inevitable question has to be asked. How many devices did they allot for pre-orders to begin with? Most carriers and third-party providers are running their pre-orders until May 12th with devices expected to start shipping out to customers as early as May 15th, so were they just checking demand and only allotting a few initially? And why stop pre-orders? Let them roll!

Needless to say we likely won't know until financial reports with the device sales on them come out but for now, it seems as though the BlackBerry Z3 is moving in the market it was intended for. Hopefully the bottom line will reflect that as well.