The BlackBerry Z3 is the newest addition to the BlackBerry 10 lineup and as such, we've yet to see any BlackBerry Z3 accessories — OEM or otherwise — hit the streets. Surely we'll start to see some very soon, but for now, a curious video has popped up online that shows off what appears to be a branded BlackBerry Z3 flip case.

In the video, the back of the Z3 is removed and replaced with a fully branded flip case. It takes a bit of work to get the back off and the case on, but the end result is pretty snazzy. This one does leave me scratching my head a bit though. It looks to be a straight up flip-style case for the Z3, but I can't imagine that BlackBerry would offer up a case like this for a device where the back isn't intended to come off. Then again, I've been wrong once or twice before, so who knows.

Check out the video to see it in action, then let us know what you think in the comments. Do you think the case is legit?

Update: BlackBerry has confirmed that the Z3 flip case seen in this video is not an official BlackBerry accessory.